Introducing the P2A challenge

Organisational information about students is often held in several different systems which are rarely joined-up.

‘From prospect to alumnus’ is one of four key co-design challenges agreed by the Jisc Board 2014-15. Through this area of work Jisc aims to help institutions use all the information they have about students to provide a joined-up digital student experience from pre-application to employment for the 21st century.

Unless a compelling student experience is provided UK Further and Higher Education will lose out to competitors. Current information systems have been built around the structures and processes of the organisation rather than the needs of students. Jisc and its stakeholders understand that there are gaps in capabilities, technologies and processes but we need to explore these gaps further to move towards solutions that can work for the sector.

The aim for the challenge is to link up the student lifecycle, including recruitment, student and alumni services. National shared information services could provide a better student experience, in the process boosting UK recruitment and retention.

The first step for this co-design challenge is to consult with stakeholders to better understand this challenge. Watch out for our next post outlining how you could get involved in informing Jisc how it can work with the sector to address this challenge through digital technology.

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