Outcomes and Destinations Data for Further Education

The BIS Outcome Based Success Measures Consultation sets out detailed proposals for using student outcomes as a key metric for Further Education. The new experimental data set created by BIS to support this activity provides an indication of sustained student outcomes.

An emphasis on destination and the data available changes the way FE is evaluated and will have significant impact on FE providers. This impact is not yet clear but providers will need to engage with the new metrics and data and use it in a range of activities such as strategic planning, monitoring, understanding local needs and reporting.

Jisc is exploring the newly published data and is interested to understand what new information, insights and opportunities it offers for FE providers.

We are taking an agile co-design approach and wish to engage FE providers in the exploration of this data and its potential. We will be developing experiments with the data to make it useful and usable to managers in their future work. This will include asking for feedback on concepts, insight into your concerns and good ideas and validation/challenge of our assumptions.

There is place for Jisc to bring together this destination data set with other information we are working with to make it more valuable to our customers.

We call the stage we are at the “alpha’. This means we will evaluate where we stand in Feb 2016 and decide if there is a place for Jisc to support the sector.

Get Involved

Jisc use a co-design approach for all our developments and would value collaboration with managers and decision makers (deputy principles, MIS managers, vice principles, curriculum managers) in FE colleges.

  1. willing to feedback on our working assumptions and give us insight into your anticipated needs and opportunities
  2. willing to review concepts for how the data could be presented to you in useful ways

Our first request is for your input/feedback on what we think will be the areas where destination data will be used. These are:

  • strategic planning
    How do you feel you will  be making decision about sources provided in light of the new data and evaluation framework?
  • understanding local needs
    How might the data be used to help you meet the needs of local populations, businesses etc?
  • monitoring
    How might the data be used in monitoring quality and demand for our courses?
  • reporting
    How might the data available impact on the way you report?
  • other
    Are there other areas where you feel the data will be used, where you have needs or ideas?

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