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We are all lifelong learners now

Why are we focussing on soft skills for the Employability Skills match service (ESMS) we are designing and developing here at Jisc in the Prospect to Alumnus co-design challenge? Scarcely a day goes past without an article or event which draws attention to the disconnect between the worlds of education and employment, and highlights soft … Read more

Digitally empowering learners’ employability

The education to employment gap and Prospect to Alumnus employability services Project three of the Jisc Prospect to alumnus is all about employability. Working with a range of partners and stakeholders, we are designing exciting and innovative new services which will empower students’ employability, meet employers’ needs and enable institutions to track and demonstrate the … Read more

Enabling more dynamic and joined-up information management across the student lifecycle

The Prospect to Alumnus projects are taking shape. Our extensive consultation, from the first co-design workshop to the regional workshops summarised in this blog, the online questionnaire, a major student consultation and numerous staff interviews, has confirmed the appetite for Jisc interventions in this area. Once all the consultation inputs were synthesised, and confirmed with … Read more

It’s never too late to learn from the past when co-designing the future….

We recently commissioned a study on the The Management and Administrative Computing (MAC) Initiative in order to inform our Digital Futures activities, especially those, like From Prospect to Alumnus, in the area of Enterprise computing and corporate information management. The MAC Report, by Tim Philips, former Director of IT at the University of Bristol, is … Read more