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‘Optimising the Student Journey’ – a couple of stop-offs on our travels

Guest post by Jean Mutton (@myderbi) As part of the Optimising the student journey project, Ruth Drysdale and I were invited to visit Queens University Belfast, to run a workshop on understanding the student experience and journey mapping with a small group of staff led by Olivia Roberts (Head of Student Services and Systems). I … Read more

‘Optimising the Student Journey’ – on our travels: there and back again (with apologies to Tolkein)

Guest post by Jean Mutton (@myderbi) Over the last few months, Ruth Drysdale (Jisc); Shri Footring (Jisc); Julian Bream (FE Consultant) and myself, newly released after 30 years in the HE sector into the world of consultancy, have been travelling around the four nations talking to staff in colleges and universities. We also went straight … Read more